Specialised Blasting Services

Alloy Engine Cleaning Specialists, ~ Wetblasting

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State Of The Art Component Cleaning

Superior Clean * Superior Finish * Safe on all Metals

Vincent Cylinder Head Showing treatment to left hand side

Motto Guzzi Engine

"The Best and Safest cleaning for your components"

 We use a revolutionary low pressure Wet Blasting system ( Not Vapour Blasting )

which was developed by one of the world's leading aircraft engine manafacturers.

Please Note ~ All components need to be degreased before

sending them to me, I will not put greasy or oily parts in the

 blaster ~ I wish to produce the best finish

that's possible on everyones engines.

Please ring me to discuss your restoration before sending

parts to me, it may well save you money ! !

BSA  A10 Case


Ferrari  308  -  V8

Superior Clean

Many specialist engine rebuilders insist on our  "Super Gentle"

blasting method before they will even consider assembly of an engine.

Vincent Drive Side

Vincent Timing Side

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Gallery, best quality viewing on slideshow !

Gold Star Cyl. Head

Gold Star Barrell

Superior Finish

Some of our clients are among the most fastidious

restorers in Oz. Many Show Winners !

V Twin BSA Crankcases

BSA Cases - Half  Done

BSA V Twin Finished

Specialised Blasting

Services Offer

Reasonable rates - costs no more than traditional Dry

 or Wetblast cleaning. This is a Low Pressure Wetblast ,

but leaves a surgically clean surface unlike High Pressure

 Vapour Blasting , which actually leaves shards of glass

 embedded in the alloy, which doesn't fit well with engine

 rebuilds.The finished product also does not fingerprint or

 corrode ( except low grade alloys ) as I also burnish the

 alloy ( ie Microscopically Shot Peen ) in the blaster.

The result is a beautiful lustre that even oil won't stain!

All fine detail remains as is, including important tolerances in

bearing housings, inside carbies etc. I have been riding bikes

 since the sixties and appreciate what I'm working with,

 rest assured your engine parts are treated as if they were my

 own, and when it comes to finish, there is no second best!

I have customers from as far away as Perth, Port Headland,

 Darwin, Adelaide, Tassie, Melbourne, Sydney and everywhere

inbetween, many of them are repeat customers.   

I am a one man show, so nobody but me handles

 your valuable parts, I have done many many engines,

 as diverse as 1918 Chenard Walker, 1927 Rolls Royce,

 The fastest street driven Subaru in Oz, Ferrari, 

Porsche, and most makes of motorcycle

 from the teenage years to the present, I enjoy what I do,

 and my customers are all happy, that's what it's all about !

Please phone Wayne Jacobson

 for an appointment.

Mobile   0411 332 834

Many more great photos on facebook..


P.O. Box  151 ~ Jimboomba Qld. 4280

or ring for advice on best local courier